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The journey into Dragon Soul begins...

Ido / Dec 10, 2011

Fraps of the Heroic Yor'sahj kill.

Firelands overstayed its welcome and taking its place for adventurers to explore, Dragon Soul is a welcome change of environment. While the final encounter of this expansion initially created a lukewarm impression from watching videos, it's fortunate that playing it is suitably impressive, particularly of the awesome visuals of the elementium bolt screeching to a halt.

As pictured above, Group 4 killed both Heroic Morchok and Yor'sahj, the slime boss. Congrats to Group 2 who also killed Heroic Morchok and is apparently attempting to answer the question - how lucky can one man roll? And congrats to Group 3 who cleared Dragon Soul on normal.

Group 4 is fortunate to add a new member to their team - Zephri, warrior tank and DPS. He boasts an impressive guild history and live arena tournament experience. Also returning to our team and a pleasant surprise is Mongolien, who was responsible for much of our success in tier 11 as a healer and is back now playing as DPS. With our roster solidified, we hope to best the challenges that Dragon Soul offers.


Zeraxis' name is way up there!
Congrats lovely
P.S. Solid job hiding the body. ;)

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