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G2 kills Heroic Yor'sahj; G4 kills Heroic Hagara

Ido / Dec 22, 2011

Congrats to G2 for killing Heroic Yor'sahj last week. Tirithon, G2 healer, went on to say that it's "one of the worst encounters I've ever played in my history of WoW." He left abruptly without any further explanation, and I suspect, given his demeanor, headed toward the nearest bar. What caused the normally calm and rational holy man to speak such hyperbole is anyone's guess, but one would surmise the culprit to be the nefarious purple slime, who hangs out in the seedy opium den cavern that Yor'sahj calls home.

G4 also killed Heroic Hagara this week, which is quite polar in feel compared to its normal counterpart. On normal, blocking Ice Lances to help out the melee makes one feel charitable and kindhearted - a camaraderie building mechanic if ever there was one. Whereas on heroic, the mechanic seeds animosity in men, creating discord and confusion among its ranks.

However, the electric phase, while initially frustrating, turns out to be very fun and makes one feel like a relay race competitor.

A big thank you to Holyfield, who sacrificed having a fun time in the new Star Wars MMO to hang out with our incompetent lot. As his namesake suggests, he has been our group's savior on multiple occasions.


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