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Asphyxia achieves realm first Heroic Dragon Soul clear

Ido / Feb 08, 2012

From left to right:
Zeraxis, Ido, Axelkic, Jaedan, Aniana, Zeía, Mongolien, Wolfjøurn, Dvorjak, Linthiel

For an alternate Madness screenshot, you can observe Jaedan's burgeoning photography skills in what I like to call, WoW: the 8-bit Nintendo version.

Fraps for both Heroic Spine and Madness are now available, in 1080p resolution and with recorded Mumble:

Heroic Spine of Deathwing

Heroic Madness of Deathwing

On late Monday night, after two weeks and many attempts, Group 4 was elated to finally kill Heroic Madness of Deathwing and bring to an end a boss we've been staring at on the login screen for over a year. The realm first achievement caused an inundation of congratulations and "what dropped?" questions from strangers and friends alike. To answer the latter, two Rathrak daggers that went to Axelkic and Mongolien and a very pretty mount for Jaedan.

I've been asked by many our plans now that the tier is finished. In the manner of Bilbo Baggins, I plan on enjoying a long holiday - free from the pressures of raiding to muck about in game and meander aimlessly. Our group has shown an aptitude at keeping ourselves amused, getting into places we shouldn't, and looking good for the camera. Plus there's that new Batman movie coming out.

Special thanks to Alchemeia for her help, which she brought with aptitude and a chipper demeanor. I'd also like to thank Mulzur, Sincalla, Aeoeling, and Holyfield for their contribution to our earlier kills in Dragon Soul and attempts on Heroic Warmaster. And thanks to Azure of <WHATEVER WERE AWESOME> for his continued support and advice.

Last but certainly not least, I'd like to thank all the members of Group 4 for their commendable tenacity, sharp minds and pleasant company. I don't know a finer group of individuals that I'd rather adventure with.


Aw, Gobblommybar. I shall call you mini-me.
Happy to have had a (very) small part in your success. Keep it up!
Sad i wasn't there to bring fireworks to your after party on this one, but congrats :)

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