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Ido / Oct 16, 2011

From left to right:
Wolfjøurn, Fissurefury, Ciklexa, Zeía, Ido, Mülzur, Gobblommybar, Sincalla, Uhwhat, Zeraxis

Fraps from Gobblommybar, arcane mage PoV.

It was only a few months ago after killing normal Ragnaros that I proclaimed it to be one of the "craziest and hardest fights ever," revealing my propensity for making wildly inaccurate judgments of difficulty and a short-term memory bias. Well I can assure you that heroic Ragnaros is definitely the craziest and hardest fight ever. Possibly.

As Group 4 formed and started raiding relatively late in Cataclysm, we found ourselves just a few weeks short of clearing the last few bosses of tier 11. Thus it is a new and satisfying emotion for us having finished our first tier of raiding to conclusion in Firelands. While we weren't able to do so before some of the Alliance guilds, it still feels noteworthy to be the first on Horde side.

Much of the credit for the kill goes to Jaedan, who formulated our plan and led us to victory. Wolfjøurn and Nabey worked together amazingly on-the-fly in phase 4 and each proved quite adept at dodging fire. In playing at a high level a new class in a very short amount of time, Fissurefury lived up to his reputation as the consummate raider. In a similar fashion, Axel showed us what someone of his competitive gaming pedigree can do in WoW, all while playing a class he initially was lukewarm towards. Mulzur's wit kept the mood lively through the dark wipes and he proved again his ability to do ranking chart DPS when it comes to any burly class wielding sharp objects. When faced with the daunting prospect of depleting 22 million hp in a minute and a half in phase 3, there's little that brings more comfort than having a theorycrafting master like Zeraxis on your side. Notwithstanding his death in our kill attempt, our newest member Sincalla manages to outdps most of his peers, all while exhibiting a great attitude and juggling his kid in his lap. Last but not least, Zeía's never ending barrage of squeaky toy noises and cat meows escaping from her UI is a testament to her studious effort to her discipline and shows why she is one of the best priests on the server.

Many thanks to Xception <WHATEVER WERE AWESOME>, who generously offered his advice and tips on beating the encounter.
Ido / Oct 06, 2011

Fraps of Group 2's Heroic Alysrazor kill, from Ruzlum's (enhancement shaman) PoV.

Congrats to Group 2 for knocking out Heroic Alysrazor and Baleroc, Group 3 for Heroic Alysrazor (only minutes after Group 2's kill) and Beth'tilac and Group 5 for Heroic Baleroc.

Group 3's Heroic Beth'tilac kill is all the more impressive given their newly 85 tank Bawwls was in greens and Lilinette's confession that she forgot to fix her addons and was healing from her spellbook. When asked how she pulled this off, she explained, "HAHA, I don't know, I'm a champ." Duly noted Lilinette, duly noted.
Ido / Sep 25, 2011

Congrats to Group 7 for killing Heroic Shannox and defeating Ragnaros. Hrund, the group's raid leader, had this to say about their victory: "First of all, I want to thank our Lord in heaven, for He makes all things possible. Secondly, there's a secret ledge boss that can go to hell, figuratively speaking. Finally, much love to the G7 crew -- we did it!" When asked about the Sixth Commandment, Hrund replied, "I know the Bible says thou shall not kill, but I don't think God had in mind demonic beings in Firelands when he laid down that law. No disrespect."

And that airtight logic concluded the interview, prompting much puzzlement and head scratching from this reporter.

Godspeed G7, godspeed.
Ido / Sep 17, 2011

Here's fraps of the kill. Sorry but vent was accidentally not recorded.

Yeah I know - months behind, but it was a satisfying kill nonetheless and I believe we're the first to do so on Horde side.

Sinestra is no pushover even in Firelands gear. For healers, this is a harder fight than 6/7 Firelands heroics and the mechanics suggest that Blizzard put special effort into making it an especially difficult encounter. The Wrack debuff does not have an easily visible stack and instead does increasing damage based on duration. The Orbs that must be kited do not cause a debuff or a combat log message, rendering it immune to boss mod indicators. On top of having to deal with this contagious, ever increasing damage debuff, there is 100k damage going out to all players every twenty seconds and cantankerous whelp adds that must be dealt with. You can tell by Wolfjourn's expression in the picture above just how much he enjoyed doing the latter.

Grats to G4 for their Dragonslayer titles and to Jaedan for his Shard of Woe trinket. Thanks to Moderboat of <The Rabble> who helped us in our kill. Also thanks to Telry, Onions, and Akuma who helped us on previous attempts. Finally, thanks to Xception of <WHATEVER WERE AWESOME> for giving helpful advice on the encounter.
Ido / Sep 03, 2011

Congrats to Group 5 for killing Ragnaros and clearing Firelands! The kill was a long time coming and I'm sure they're relieved at finally downing the boss.

That makes three of the 10-man groups in Asphyxia clearing Firelands, with a fourth right behind. Grats to all of the raiders with their success.